Tesla Powerwall – First Steps

One of the most common questions I get is "How do I buy one!?" Ordering a Powerwall may not be as straightforward as you think, but it's also not too difficult once you know what to do. No matter what anyone tells you, the ONLY way to get a Powerwall (in South Florida) is to... Continue Reading →

Tesla’s Powerwall, Part 1

If you don't already know what the Tesla Powerwall is or does, you should read this post. I am going to explain why it's awesome and why you should know about it today. I won't be able to cover every detail in this single post, so standby for more information to come in future posts!... Continue Reading →

I had an Acorn Squash sitting around for a week or so, mostly because I didn't know how to cook/roast it. I wanted it to be delicious! Sure enough, all it took was a quick Google search and I found this awesome & simple recipe below. Check it out! Delicious recipe for Acorn Squash!  

The Inquiry Method

Today I learned the power of "Why." As a leader of any kind there is a delicate balance between muscle and brains. Muscle when you have to push something along, for example. Brains when you want to learn the root cause of an issue and make changes, for example. Frustration can build as the result... Continue Reading →

Best Friends

Marriage, and then fatherhood has challenged the strength of many of my outside relationships. Even progressing from casual to semi-serious in a simple dating relationship will cause inevitable changes to your friends list. Once I had kids, disposable "free time" sort of disappeared - and it was tough to deal with. I still have many... Continue Reading →

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