Parenting and Comparing

Did you know that by age 4, kids in some families hear millions of more words than kids in other families? Yea, I just read this the other day and I thought, sweet, how the heck am I going to squeeze a few million more words into my kid’s brain?

Turns out it’s not too hard. Reading a book out loud is one way. My wife and I also bought Your Baby Can Learn which our oldest watches every morning and afternoon. It helps associate words with their meaning and also helps with pronunciation. Animals, colors, shapes, and other things. We definitely have seen our little guy learning from these videos.

All parents are different and raise their kid(s) in different ways. What works for you might not work for another family. Aren’t we all just learning as we go? I’m sure your kid will likely be fine with or without those million extra words. Comparing other families to yourself/your family can be tough on you. That’s why I stick with what I know (in my heart) is right for my family, not just what others are doing.

Now watch this hilarious video!

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