Tesla Powerwall – First Steps

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I buy one!?” Ordering a Powerwall may not be as straightforward as you think, but it’s also not too difficult once you know what to do.

No matter what anyone tells you, the ONLY way to get a Powerwall (in South Florida) is to order it through the Tesla website. A lot of solar cowboys will tell you that it’s “included in your quote” and this is wrong. Tesla requires that the end-user/homeowner order the Powerwall directly. Tesla wants to control the customer experience, ensuring that each customer has a smooth ride through the process. Tesla also wants to manage your expectations about the Powerwall. Backup power can be a sensitive subject with some homeowners and can require some thinking about “what you would want to be powered during a power outage.” This is something you typically would be obsessing over during an actual power outage so it can be tough to nail down everything you want and expect while the lights and AC are still working.

Prior to ordering, you will have the ability to estimate how many Powerwall you need using a neat animated graphic. Enter a few details about your home and your usage and this section will tell you how many Powerwall to order. Very cool and it seems as accurate (in terms of the Powerwall performance) as it could be, given the subject.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.48.29 PM

After You Order

Sit tight and wait for a call from Tesla. The next piece to the puzzle is an extremely detailed site survey (first step after ordering). At this point, you will be able to talk to your site surveyor or Tesla customer service rep about what you want the Powerwall to energize, where you want it to be installed, and how you expect it to work.

I’ve heard from some early Powerwall adopters (who still don’t have theirs yet) that they’ve had a reservation for 2 years or more. Don’t be too alarmed by this, it’s not likely that you will wait 2 years for your Powerwall if you ordered today. If you plan to order one, remember to be patient and look out for emails or phone calls from Tesla. If you’re also getting solar on your home, remember that your solar installer has no influence on the process unless they are a Tesla Certified Installer (which is a very rare, not advertised, company certification in south Florida).

Stay tuned for even more on Tesla Powerwall!

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