Electrify Everything

Today is my dads 61st birthday. We had a nice celebratory Italian dinner – pizza, mussels, gnocchi, pasta, etc. All the good stuff!

His neighbor asked me how’s business and I replied that it was going well, and that we’re very busy in the solar industry. He owns a tile company and feels the same level of busi-ness in his industry too. He mentioned to me, as lots do, about the trend of everything going electric. Cars were what we talked about most and how more and more electric cars are on the road. He said “good thing you’re in the energy business!” He firmly believes that energy costs are on their way up. He sees that there is a very clear supply issue coming soon as more and more things “electrify” and that solar will help play a part in expanding the electricity mix of our state and our world.

The funny thing is that I forgot sometimes why solar is so popular and why I’m “so busy.” Then I vocalized it without even thinking: “people who are buying solar now/today are smart.” Buying solar today is like getting in early on Bitcoin or a good stock pick. You invest today and you may wonder for a few years if it was worth it. Then a few years from now, the cost of electricity triples and you look like a genius who saw the writing on the wall. Your cost of electricity, your cost of living remains the same when everyone else’s electricity bill becomes borderline unaffordable. Your neighbors rush towards solar and likely pay more than you did when you bought in.

It’s pretty simple, the more battery powered things there are, the more electricity your house, your city, your state will need to charge those things!

The icing on the cake? My dad, a manley-man who takes pride in cutting his own grass, received a battery powered weed-wacker from my step-mom. I just sat there and thought, wow, we really are on our way to electrifying everything.

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  1. Wow Mike you impress me every day with your power to drive forward in your passion to be the best in what ever you do and want out of life. Your the smartest man I know even though your my son. You will concor your dreams.


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