Michael-135Hello and thank you for visiting my site! This site is intended to publish ideas and thoughts, as well as to connect those in need with services I may be able to offer.

My name is Michael Vergona and I am an entrepreneur, husband, and proud father.

I am the President and Co-Founder of Urban Solar, a Florida based residential and commercial solar company. I currently hold a Florida state certified solar contractor license (CVC56948) and consider myself somewhat of an expert in the solar energy field.

I have been blessed with numerous life experiences that I feel have crafted my character and personality. For this reason, I feel that I have a lot to offer my peers, friends, family, and those seeking to better themselves. I seek to become a spiritual guide or “life coach” to those looking for mentorship.

On the business side of life, I was drawn to the organization, structure, and strategy (especially marketing strategy) of the big brands I identified with. So I began my professional career at Apple, where I started as a part-timer educating customers on why a Mac was better than a PC – it was pretty easy. I worked my way up to a leadership position and found my passion for training. I’ve effectively trained groups as small as two and large as forty. This is where I also learned how to coach and how to provide open and honest feedback.

Today, I am the President and founder of Urban Solar – a company that saves people money through solar. I started as a one-man show and now have over 40 full-time employees. I spend every day leading and coaching an incredible group of people and learning the many lessons of entrepreneurship.

I find so many times throughout my work day that I’ve learned some kind of valuable life lesson through business experiences. I’ve wished I could share my findings and thoughts with others and I hope to make that wish come true through this site.

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